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Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is the new technology with the potential to revolutionize the digital world and economy as it integrates into our infrastucture and spreads across various industrial sectors. It offers a decentralized, distributed platform providing assurance, security and data protection for commercial trasactions of digital and physical assets. Best reputed as the technology behind cryptocurrencies, Blockchain is fast and consistently emerging as the future technology that can prove to be a game-changer for the world’s financial systems.

With its knowledge and expertise in using different blockchain frameworks, Cytrion’s adept team of developers build and deliver top-notch applications and blockchain based solutions aiding its clients in leveraging their business efficiency, tracebaility and security among other benefits.


Blockchain development services

Cytrion offers Blockchain based solutions to

1. Develop digital currencies

2. Digital wallets

3. Web / Mobile based Crypto Exchange and Trading platform applications

4. Ethereum and Hyperledger powered applications

5. Smart contracts development


Blockchain solutions we offer:

Micro-lending management

Cytrion provides a convenient and reliable Microlending Management system to help connect borrowers directly with microlenders, thus reducing the cost associated with middlemen.

Supply chain management

The Transparent and exemplary record keeping and tracking mechanism, including the provenance and ownership of each item, blockchain’s potential is unleashed by Cytrion’s services in transforming the supply chain management as we know it.

Crowd funding management

Ethereum blockchain based platform offered by Cytrion provides a stage for crowdfunding using smart contracts.

Document Management System

Secure and track your important documents with smart contracts enabled Document Management System.




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